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Fluffy Cow - Brie Style Cheese

SKU: 09369998086900
200 Grams
  • Traditional French-style white could cheese.


    It is the result of a combination of French bloomy rind cheese recipes, that is intended to bring flavour complexity and intensity to your palate


    It exhibits a rustic rind, covering a rich and creamy paste that can still reatain a firm middle section (chalky core) for most of its life but it doesn't compromise flavour.  Delivers nicely balanced mushroomy, nutty, buttery, and garlicky notes.


    Aged for a minimum of 3 weeks.

    Ingredients: Pasteurised milk, salt, non-animal rennet, cultures (starter cultures & moulds).

    Allergy Advice: Contains milk.

  • In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we only ship through Express Post and dispatch days are Monday to Wednesday to avoid extended transit times. We recommend that all products are refrigerated on arrival.

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